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October 2011
  • “We're here to put a dent in the universe. " ~ Steve Jobs, entrepreneur and inventor (1955-2011)


Testimonials From Renascent Group Candidates

I have been extremely pleased with your work helping me reach my career goals.  Specifically, your precise communications skills help streamline the process and  I always felt that I was informed about the status of my pending offer.  I was  interacting with several executive placement firms over the time I was looking  (and over my career) for potential opportunities this year and Renascent was  clearly the most professional.  I entered my interview very prepared and confident  due to your preparation and knowledge of the process.  My goals were  aggressive; however, all of my stated career goals were met with this current  position – Thank you!"

"My experience with The Renascent Group renewed my trust in working with Recruiters.  First and foremost it is  their policy to truly match a candidate's qualifications to the Client's needs. As such their respect of both the time  of client and potential candidate is quite refreshing not to mention professional."    

"I am thankful for the opportunity I have today because of the connections made possible through Renascent  Group!"    "I liked your approach, which is somewhat different from other recruiters.  Your willingness to check potential  opportunities with clients is refreshing and greatly appreciated.  Today, I am looking for a new position.  Hiring a search firm that employs people of your caliber will be high on my list."  

"Thanks for the quick response.  Unfortunately, many in your profession do not bother to respond unless they  have a position open at that time and one often wonders whatever happened to the resume they sent in."    

"Thank you for this wonderful document.  It got me to think succinctly about the type of position I would want."    

"Thank you very much for the article on interviewing techniques.  In building companies and teams over the past  several years, I have certainly seen my share of prepared and unprepared candidates.  The ones with a good self  marketing plan who know where they want to be and have a plan to get there will stand out thanks to you…"

"It's so helpful to get feedback from someone in your position, from the perspective of a recruiter.  This will be  valuable when I begin to aggressively search in 3 months."

Your email just made my day.  Forgive my candor but I have worked with numerous recruiters and have found the vast majority of them to be indifferent, self-centered, and impolite. However, from our brief exchanges it is clear to me that you are a solid recruiter but much more importantly it is clear to me that you are a good person.  While that may make you unique in your field (and perhaps the world), I can assure you that it doesn't go unrecognized.  

Thanks for getting back to me. You and your firm sound very professional. That is a breath of fresh air.